Q: How much does it cost per text?
A: .0075 ($7.50 per 1000 or $75 for 10,000)

Q: How much does it cost per number??
A: $1 Per Month Per Number.

Q: How much will this cost me per month?
A: The SMS Lead Network platform has no monthly fees. The SMS Provider charges you per text and for each number you purchase. They charge less than a penny per text and $1 per month per number you purchase.

Q: Are their any other hidden cost?
A: Other than the bonus leads you would have to purchase your leads from us or any vendor that has business data. Leads are Available here.

Q: How much are leads? 
A: You can contact us and we can provide you with a quote for the type of data you need. Leads vary based on the industry.

Q: How many phone numbers will I need?
A: We suggest 1 number for every 200 messages per day you want to send. So if you want to send 1000 text messages a day you will need 5 numbers. If you want to send 2000 text per day you will need 10 numbers. If you want to send 50,000 text per day you will need 250 numbers.

Q:Does the system rotate the number?
A: Yes. There is an option you will see in the settings to rotate numbers. This is the default setting.

Q: How many text can I send a day with this platform?
A: It's really no limit. You just don't want to start right away with a new account sending 5000 plus per day. I would start with 500 to 1000 a day then scale up each week. 

Q: Will I be able to refer others to get this same software?.
A: Yes. You earn $100 per referral once you are qualified. We have a reverse 1 up comp plan (pass up your 2nd sale)

Q: Can I use any leads I purchased with this platform?
A: Yes. You will need to scrub the list first and remove any landlines from the list you select to use. We have a video overview in the SMS Lead Network Members area that will show you a company you can use to scrub your list in minutes for $10 (one time). You can scrub 10,000 at a time.

Q: Why do I need to scrub/clean my list before I load them into the sms platform?
A: You run the risk of getting your account suspended with the API Providers. The Bonus Leads are mixed leads. They come with cell phones and landline phones. So you need to scrub/clean them to remove the landlines. You will have a lot of undeliverable messages if you do not scrub/clean your list first and that will cause issues with your Twilio/ytel/other account.

Q: Are the 10,000 leads that come with the package Scrubbed already?.
A: no you will select them from the databases available and follow the steps to scrub the list.

Q: Who is Twilio and Ytel?
A: Twilio and ytel are like the phone company. They actually send the text and lease you the phone numbers you use with our software. We connect to their system using API keys. With twilio and ytel their clients need to have their own platform to send sms messages (That's where SMS Lead Network comes in). We also have two other companies like twilio/ytel you can use and select from in the members area.

Q: Can I use My current twilio/ytel account if I have one already?
A: Yes we have a video in our Video Library (under the support tab) that will show you how to connect your account to the system.

Q: Why not just use other companies that allow me to just buy credits from them?
A: You can but this is how you get your sms credits at only .0075 per text. Most platforms mark their price up so they make a profit off every text you send. With us you just buy the platform and go to the source to get the sms credits and numbers. Most companies charge .03 cent to .05 cents per text. With us you can send a text for less than a penny.

Q: What if my Twilio/Ytel account gets suspended?
A: Create another free account or reply to their issue with your current account or create a ytel account. Or select one of the two new companies. We have 4 companies you can connect our system to.

Q: Why do I see someone elses payment information other than my sponsor when I go to pay?
A: Our system uses a reverse 1 up compensation plan. Your 2nd sale is passed up to your qualified upline member.

Q: Do you have a done for you service?
A: Yes we have a done for you service that's an extra $69.95. You simply create a twillio or ytel account and fund the account ($100 suggested) and we will set it up for you and send your messages for 1 day or we can spread it out over a week. You can also provide us with up to two text ads with your SMS messages you want sent. We will purchase 10 numbers for you and connect them to your account and send your message over 5 days.

Q: Is the SMS Software downloadable?
A: No you login to your account at SMS Lead Network and click text/phone broadcast to send a text message (after you setup your twilio/ ytel account).

Q: Can I see the Replies when I send the text messages?
A: Yes the system has an inbox where you can see the replies.

Q: Can I start my own texting service using this platform?
A: Yes you can setup your own site offering texting services and login and send campaigns for your clients.

Q: Do you offer tech phone support? 
A: We only have billing support available during business hours. This is a self service system. You can contact your sponsor or watch the training videos to send. Their contact information is listed below. We have video tutorials & a facebook group where you can post other questions you may have. We also have email support via our support ticket system.

Q: I cannot login after purchase.
Please check to see if you have made your two purchases then forward your receipt to our support team ($97 & 100). 

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